A Pilgrim’s Progress

We are in Las Herrerias, at the foot of an 8 km. uphill trek, which we will tackle tomorrow. It’s been gorgeous today. (Am going to work on this for another 20 minutes, then publish it, and then return to the daily pilgrimage report in a bit.

At breakfast we sat with four Canadians; one has already completed two Caminos, two are joining him for the first time, and one is riding from stop to stop on the luggage van or a local bus (€1.25 a ticket!). Don, the third-time pilgrim, had the best advice so far. Rather than a 28 km. walk today, do it tomorrow, so that the tough mountain climb takes place first thing in the morning. Our legs will be fresh, and it will be the coolest part of the day. Sold. Thank you, Don from Ontario.

As a result, we arrived at our hotel at 1 pm. Relaxation.

Update: Luggage is here; Debbie absolutely overjoyed to put on her favorite outdoor shoes and a hiking skort. Me, I’m delighted to change out of my hiking pants — after 5 days they are pretty ripe.

Mountains all around us, the uphill journey tomorrow we hope will give us strength for our inner challenges.

More soon.

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