The website is up, finally.

1.2 billion websites later, who woulda thunk that my name would still be available?  But here it is, and welcome.

The first goal is to post a record of our hike that starts in September, walking from Ponferrada, Spain, to Santiago de Compostela, 125 miles along a pilgrimage route that came into being 1,200 years ago.

A month from today we begin our pilgrimage.  Starting in the 800s, people in the Holy Roman Empire started a long long walk from their homes throughout Europe to the site where the bones of St. James are buried.  Back then, a pilgrim walked out his front door — and kept on going, seeking penitence, forgiveness of sins, time away from his nagging spouse, who knows?  But urged by the church to embark on this journey, thousands did, and continue to do so today.

Why Susan Constant?  You’ll need to ask my father, but the short answer is that my mother’s name is Susan, and I was born on the 350th anniversary of the English settlers’ arrival in the New World — in 1607 — and their establishment of what became the first permanent English settlement in North America.  The settlers sailed from England aboard three ships:  the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery.

OK, history lessons are over, and today’s post is, too.  More to come.  Thanks for stopping by.

Smooth sailing, everyone.