Octopus Coffee Stop and The Wall of Wisdom

Days 8 and 9:

Camino pilgrims enter Melide by crossing a beautiful bridge, and pass through a tiny and ancient suburb of stone buildings. Then a long uphill walk on a gravel path, where we met Juan. He has been walking for 49 days, from Alicante, near Valencia. Upon arrival at the Cathedral in Santiago, he will have walked 2,700 km — 1,670 miles. Mid-60s, Spanish but a German resident for several decades, he has completed several Camino pilgrimages. At his urging, at 10 am, we stopped at a corner cafe for a small plate of fresh-cooked octopus, the local delicacy. And a cafe cortado.

This is the octopus chef, not Juan.

What a great, if brief, meeting, with a long-distance pilgrim. Snack done, he headed out. Hope our paths cross in front of the Cathedral tomorrow.

Day 8, Wednesday was good. Loved visiting an ancient church in Lobreiro.

We’ve seen stand-alone stone crosses throughout the walk — signposts for Camino pilgrims in centuries past.

Here is a crucifix style I’ve never seen, displayed inside another church along the way.

Today, Thursday, is our next-to-last section of the Camino, about 17 miles. Such lovely weather, interesting landscapes, and neat people.

And this also today.Think on that tonight.

Tomorrow about 13 miles of walking and we’ll be at the Cathedral in the center of Santiago, a city of more than 100,000 people. Spain and The Way have been a marvelous experience.

(Hotel wifi seems shaky. Hope this goes through)

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